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It's International Women's Day: Here is One Woman Who Inspires Me

Hello, beautiful people!

Did you know that it is International Women’s Day? Today is about recognizing the achievements of women all over the world and reflecting on those who’ve made history such as Rosie the Riveter, Simone de Beauvoir, Rosa Parks, and Marie Curie. It’s also a time to support equality for women, as there are still barriers that we face such as unequal pay. In honor of this holiday, I want to highlight a very influential woman who inspires me to keep manifesting the life that I want for myself. Her name is Stormi Steele and she is the CEO of Canvas Beauty, a wife, mother, and role model for many women, including me.

Source: Canvas Beauty Brand

I first heard about Stormi a couple of years ago after a friend of mine mentioned her in one of our conversations. She told me that she was a successful, Black female business owner that lives in our area, and like us, she’s from a small town. I was immediately intrigued and wanted to find out more about Stormi, so I started following her on Facebook. After scrolling through her posts, and reading multiple news articles, I realized she did so much more than just build a powerful beauty brand. She created The Dream Girl Society, where she encourages women how to manifest their dreams and become who they were designed to be. She also has a non-profit organization, For Mamas, in which she helps fund IVF treatments for those seeking to have children. I’ve also witnessed her financially bless people online randomly, just because. The fact that she still takes the time to help those in her community, even with her busy life, says a lot about her character.

I felt like I could relate to her in more ways than one. For example, she mentioned that she was suicidal at one point in her life before God showed her a vision of her purpose. If you’ve read my first published book, Not Broken Beyond Repair: A Christian’s Guide to Spiritual Restoration, then you know that I discovered the purpose God had for my life after my suicidal thoughts. She also has endometriosis, a chronic condition that I live with as well. To see another Black woman with the same illness still living out her dreams reassures me that my life doesn’t have to be over just because I have this disease. That said, positive representation is really important—it helps boost our self-esteem, thus giving us the confidence to go after what we want and what we deserve.

What I’ve learned the most by following Stormi Steele's journey is that girls from small towns can go on to do big things. Girls who drop out of college can still make a good living for themselves. Girls who struggle with endometriosis or any other chronic illness can still thrive and be successful. Most importantly, whatever dream it is that you have can turn into a reality if you put the work in and don’t give up. So, if you want a real-life example of what the results of manifesting your dreams and living in your purpose look like, follow Stormi on Facebook and Instagram. Check out her hair care products at Canvas Beauty Brand. I recommend trying the Blossom serum—that's what I’m currently using for my natural hair and I have zero complaints!

( My personal bottle of the Hair Blossom Serum 2.0)

Happy International Women's Day to all of the amazing individuals breaking barriers, contributing to society, and making history. Is there anyone that you’d like to acknowledge today? Who’s an influential woman that inspires you? Feel free to comment below!


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