How to Stay Safe at a Halloween Party

Updated: Oct 24

Happy spooky season, y’all! Do you plan on attending a Halloween party soon? If so, I’ve created a list of six safety tips that you should read over before you go.

Make sure you’re well-fed and hydrated

If you plan to be at a party for some hours, you should have a light meal beforehand. You don’t want to skip out on eating only to get to the party and realize that there isn’t enough food, or you don’t like what’s being served. From my experience, it's hard to enjoy yourself at any event with an empty stomach, so just to be on the safe side, eat a meal before. Also, make sure you’re well hydrated, especially if you’ll be drinking alcohol.

Bring someone that you know and trust to the party with you

It’s always good to have a trusted friend or family member accompany you at a party, especially one that has a lot of people there that you don’t know. It’s no secret that some bad things can happen to people at a party, and there are some people with ill intentions who will easily seek out someone who appears to be alone. Having someone with you can be a little extra safety net, as you can look out for one another.

Make sure your phone is fully charged

Hours before the party, put your phone on the charger if possible, and keep it there until the battery is full. This is important to do in case you need to use your phone in case of an emergency. Pay phones are not on every street corner as they once were, so make sure you have a reliable way to make phone calls. Pack a portable mobile charger if you have one.

Be aware of your surroundings

As I mentioned, bad things can happen at parties. When you arrive at the location, make sure to check your surroundings. Make a mental map of where the bathrooms and other exits are just in case of an emergency. Don’t accept any alcoholic drinks from anyone unless you’ve seen it being poured from the original container yourself—date rape drugs are still a thing, unfortunately. Make the best judgment of the party atmosphere. If the energy and vibes are off and you feel something isn’t right, I suggest you listen to your gut and leave—especially if you notice suspicious or abnormal behavior from people. You are not supposed to feel unsafe or uncomfortable at an event that’s meant to be fun.

Don’t engage in risky behavior

I know it’s a party and you’re there to have fun, but if you want to keep yourself safe, it’s best to not engage in risky behaviors like taking illicit drugs or drinking too much alcohol. That said, do not drink and drive under any circumstances. If you need to, call another friend to pick you up from the party. Lyft and Uber are also alternatives.

Don’t leave with strangers

You’re liable to meet new people when you’re at a party, that’s pretty normal. However, it isn’t wise to leave with someone you just met. You don’t know what their true intentions are, as you hardly know anything about them, so don’t put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation by leaving the party with a stranger.

So those are my safety tips for partygoers this Halloween season. Don’t forget to take any essentials you’ll need such as your wallet, medications, etc. Have fun and stay safe my friends!


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